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Housing Opportunities for Women The primary mission of Housing Opportunities for Women is to empower women, children and families to permanently break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
Rogers Park Community Council The mission of the Rogers Park Community Council is to enhance the quality of life through social and civic initiatives that favor urban renewal, community engagement and cooperation with law enforcement to assure local residents a voice in community life.
A Just Harvest A Just Harvest’s mission is to reduce poverty and hunger in Rogers Park and the greater Chicago community by providing nutritious meals daily while building a just society through advocacy and collaborative relationships across racial, cultural and socio-economic lines to promote the well-being of patrons served.
Family Matters Family Matters is a family-centered organization in the North of Howard neighborhood that seeks to be a catalyst for change – building and strengthening the community through programs that support personal growth and leadership.
Many Peoples Church The primary mission of Many Peoples Church is to facilitate the interaction between and appreciation of diverse neighbors through Christian worship and neighborhood development partnerships.
Loyola University Center for Experiential Learning The Center for Experiential Learning seeks to serve students, faculty, staff and community partners of Loyola University Chicago as a resource for experiential learning opportunities and partnerships.
Good News Partners The mission of Good News Partners is to end homelessness and hopelessness with everyone God brings to us, to foster justice, and to build bridges of reconciliation.
Leeda Leeda provides child-centered services and support including developmental, goal-oriented enrichment, behavior analysis, respite, therapeutic recreation and caregiver and sibling support. Other services include adult residential, transitional services and vocational services.
Rogers Park Garden Group Using the power of gardens to build communities through beauty, camaraderie and involvement.
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Community Quality of Life Plan

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Our Mission

The mission of Partners for Rogers Park is to promote positive community development for current residents through open and inclusive partnerships that foster a healthy and just Rogers Park.

Our Work

Organizational coalition members provide a myriad of direct and indirect services within the community of Rogers Park including delivering educational services, preserving and creating affordable housing, promoting of home ownership, providing arts and culture programming, healthcare, and economic and community development.

Crucial hallmarks of the individuals in the coalition include: 1) Individual members have experience serving the community and its residents and 2) A collective, strong commitment to creating and sustaining a diverse socio-economic community.

The collaboration draws on the historical experiences of all members, individually and organizationally which results in a single, cohesive source that will make a difference in the community.


Partners for Rogers Park
c/o Housing Opportunities for Women

1607 West Howard Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL  60645
773-465-5770 (phone)
773-465-5771 (fax)